Welcome to my page!

I am a Statistics PhD student at the University of Bologna. I am currently involved in the research project GENPOP (Genes, genealogies and the evolution of demographic change and social inequality) funded by the European Research Council.

I have been a visiting scholar at the Bayesian Demography Laboratory at the University of Toronto and at the Research Laboratory on Kinship Inequalities at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

I am a Statistician with an interest in Formal Demography, Kinship Dynamics, Digital and Computational Demography and Bayesian Statistics

In my PhD thesis, I develop a Bayesian model to examine fertility patterns in Europe and North America during the historical periods lacking ground-truth demographic data. Harnessing a similar Bayesian model, I aim to estimate male and female Total Fertility Rates at a subnational level. Additionally, I provide a critical analysis about the employment of digital family trees for population studies.

I am a strong advocate of promoting demographic research across multiple disciplines.

I am also very passionate about teaching. I believe it is vital to foster enthusiasm in understanding and using Statistics and Demography to answer key societal questions.

I strongly encourage to spread awareness on:

  • gender equality & women in science;
  • mental health support for researchers;
  • environmental issues;
  • LGBTQAI+ rights.

Contact me

If you are working on similar topics or are interested in my work, you can reach out to me. (riccardo.omenti2@unibo.it)

You can follow me on twitter.